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Greetings and salutations! My name is Schuylar A.K.A. Primordial Alien. I know my name is funny.

Parents were drunk, seriously, but enough about my name! It has been awhile since I posted here, I have just recognized an issue with the website, you can download my song but I can't accept payments without upgrading. So if you want to help me out pick up some merch or tip me on Bandlab, stream my music, and spread the word! I truly hope not to disappoint any of you, and if you dig my music I would appreciate any help I can get. It has been my dream since I first heard Beastie Boys' License To Ill, and I wanted to pick the guitar up as soon as I heard Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday. I fell in love with the "emo" and metalhead culture during my musical journey. I love guitar, and I love singing my heart out, even if some don't find me good, I strive to be better. For 18 years now, since I was 10, I've dreamed of this. But people really don't like to show up for band practice and always choose the path of most resistance in my opinion. I've become weary of trusting people with my artistic desires and wish to do it myself. I know many of my demos are subpar in some ways, not saying I'm a good singer or anything by any means, but I like my voice and so do others, nevertheless I wish to improve and am capable of more than I can show you without help. By supporting me you're helping me, but I wish to give you something special and I want this to be nearly flawless. I will continue to make music, and improve even after the album, but I'm ready for this.

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